Sun Lok Noodle House

Founded in 1993 by Mr Raymond Lee, Sun Lok Noodle House started as a humble establishment serving Cantonese cuisine. Nestled in Taman Jurong since 2006, Sun Lok Noodle House has become the hidden gem far away from the hustle bustle of the town. Serving wide varieties of food from small bites such as dim sum to full meals such as noodles, congee,and dishes like steamed fish and other tantalizing wok-fried Cantonese dishes. Decorated with a hint of Chinese traditional ornaments, diners would definitely have a homely feel while dining at Sun Lok Noodle House.

Sun Lok Noodle House emphasizes on using quality and fresh ingredients consistently for 20 years. Raised in Hong Kong, Mr Raymond Lee has brought prominent flavors from the country and introduced them to Singaporeans with a simpler but healthier approach. It is also his practice to create new dishes every 3-4months for all to look forward upon the next visit.

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